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The Inn at Spring Farm is a refuge for those looking for rest and relaxation, and to participate in meaningful mind, body and spirit retreats and programs. The Inn joined forces with Luv Yourself, an Ayurvedic Wellness Center to bring mind, body and spirit healing to the community and travelers from near and far.

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  • Healing Emotional Wounding: Understanding the Impact of Trauma

  • A Day for Couples

  • Get A Natural High: Ayurvedic Fall Retreat





Ayurvedic and Body Therapies Offered at the Inn

Guests can book In Room Services during their time at the Inn, and or book their services in town at Luv Yourself



A unique full body oil treatment that is incredibly grounding, nourishing and rejuvenative as it brings balance to the body’s subtle energies.

In Room Service: $125 for 60 minutes
In Room Service: $160 for 90 minutes

Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy is an acupoint/acupressure treatment that helps maintain health by cleansing blocked energy.

In Room Service: $125 for 60 minutes
In Room Service: $160 for 90 minutes

Ayurvedic Facial

Experience calm in the mind and body that radiates from the face. A facial sequence of marma therapy, steam, cleansing, toning mask and wrinkle treatment

In Room Service: $150 for 60 minutes

Massage Fusion

Each therapeutic massage is customized to the needs of the client. The blend of Swedish massage and Fascial Stretch Therapy will provide relaxation to calm the mind, relieve tension, and reset the ability to be present in a relaxed state.

$125 for 60 minutes
$160 for 90 minutes

Integrative and Ayurvedic Health Consultation

Enjoy an Ayurvedic and Integrative Health Consultation during your stay and learn how to heal in mind, body and spirit.

1 Hour Consultation: $100
2 Hour In-Depth Assessment: $200



Paige Pearman


Retreat: Spring Ayurveda & Integrative Health Detox

R&R Programs

1, 3 and 5 Day Full Body Rejuvenation Programs are available at the Inn to learn more, visit Luv Yourself and or call 502.641.6101 to inquire about these programs.

Detox Programs/Panchakarma

1, 3 and 5 Day Detox and Panchakarma or full mind, body and spirit detoxes are available at the Inn. To learn more visit Luv Yourself and or call 502.641.6101.

Presenter Programs

Choose from one of our presenter programs and training with invited teachers, healing professionals, spiritual masters, or wellness experts.

Customizable Programs Available Upon Request.

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